IELTS Speaking Vocabulary – Friends and family topic

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What is the most important part about speaking in an English-language-based test? It’s not having a million words at your disposal, but rather understanding vocabulary. In this quick guide, we will take a look at some common words and phrases that are used during IELTS speaking.IELTS speaking vocabulary is really necessary because in writing and speaking tests it makes 25 percent of your score so a quarter of your score in the speaking test depends on IELTS Speaking vocabulary.

Vocabulary to speak about Freinds and Family

  1. Nuclear family – Family group consisting of a pair of adults and their children

Example: Most households in the western world tend to be nuclear families

2. Extended family – Larger than the nuclear family- consisting of aunts, uncles, and cousins

Example: If you live with your extended family  

3. Relatives – Group of people related by blood or marriage

Example: Relatives, such as grandparents, can play an important role in helping to raise children

4. Siblings – Brothers or sisters

Example: I have three siblings – one brother and two sisters.

5. Adolescent – A young person who is developing into an adult

Example: Children can sometimes cause more problems for their parents when they become adolescents.

6. Birth Rate – The number of babies born over a given time.

The birth rate is continuously falling in japan

7. Upbringing – To care for a child until he or she is an adult.

Example: He had a very good upbringing.

8. Raise – Tot take until they are completely grown

Example: His parents raised him very well as he is now very kind to others.

9. Divorce – An official or legal process to end a marriage.

Example: When I was a kid my father divorced my mom.

10. Adoption – Taking on the legal responsibilities as a parent of a child that is not one’s

Example: If a couple can’t have a child they may decide someone to adopt.

11. Overprotective Parents – Wishing to protect a child too much.

Example: Children who have had overprotective parents can’t build up a strong character.

12. Spoiled Child – A child who shows bad behaviour from overindulgence by their parents.

Example: Children who are given everything on demand may become spoiled.

13. Close-knit family – A close family having common interests

Example: we are a close family and we like to keep in touch.

14. Immediate family – A family includes a spouse, children, parents, grandparents.

Example: My immediate family is not very big I have no parents and aunts.

15. Struck up a friendship – To make new friends

Example: It’s been a long time when we struck up a friendship as a child.

16. Dear to my heart – Someone whom you care about.

Example: My that friend is very dear to my heart.

17. Share the same ideas – Having similar opinions and views.

Example: We had a common background and we shared the same ideas.

18. To break up – To end a relationship

Example: It’s hard to believe that Dave and Sara broke up.

19. To fall for someone – To fall in love with someone.

Example: This was the first and last time I ever fell in love.

20. Ups and downs – Good and bad things happen in life.

Example: We had many ups and downs in life.

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